June 21, 2010

China….Friend or Foe? Or Do They Own US?

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I have traveled and done business in Asia since the mid- 1980’s.  My first trip to China was in early 1990.  During that first trip, I traveled on dirty dusty roads, boiled my chopsticks, used primitive plumbing, and didn’t dare drink or eat anything that wasn’t boiled or well cooked first.

Now 20 years later, when I visit I stay in brand new hotels, fly into modern state-of-the-art airports, and can eat and drink almost anything I choose as long as I am in a major city.  When I arrogantly asked a Chinese person 20 years ago how they could live without modern conveniences such as potable water….the response was simple.  He said “We are patient.”

Now 20 years later, we are literally “hanging on every word” that comes out of China regarding their economy, their currency and their next move on the world stage.  Case in point, today’s news regarding the supposed “floating” of the RMB. 

Keep in mind one thing about the Chinese….they are patient.  I attach a commentary from a close friend’s blog pertaining to this “move” on the part of the Chinese “Fed”.  Please pay close attention to some of the comments on John Hudson’s post on the Atlantic Wire blog.

June 13, 2010

Some Thoughts and Commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill

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There has been a lot of differing views and commentary made by the press, experts, the government, my friends, and relatives about the unfolding tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. Everybody has a visceral reaction to the images that are shown daily on the various news channels and on-line.  How can this be happening???? 

There is certainly enough blame to go around.  Some have pointed to the lax regulations  and hands-off approach of the Bush administration as to the root of the cause.  Others have pointed to the aggressive risk taking philosophy of BP management.  Others are yelling for Obama to “Do something!”.

Now that the disaster is truly starting to be understood as to its magnitude and impact, we don’t need blame going on, we need a concise, well considered plan to be put into place and executed.  This means bringing any and all assets to bear to control the damage and hopefully, (See video attachment below.) fix the problem.  This also means that someone needs to be put in a position of authority and responsibility to manage and direct this massive effort on all fronts.

Whether we want to admit it or not we are now at war in the Gulf of Mexico.  We are fighting a war for the livelihood and lifestyle of the people along the Gulf Coast. We are fighting a war for the survival of the eco-system of the Gulf of Mexico and we are fighting a war to maintain the on-going supply of oil we need to have to support our fragile economy. (Whether we like it or not, we are stuck in an oil dominated energy supply chain….at least for now.  So let’s deal with this fact and move on.)

I would like to propose that we name  a “General” to build a staff and manage this “war”. Someone similar to General David Patreus, but whom has the organizational and leadership skills to manage a very disparate  group of assets and an inate understanding of how to demand the best out of these assets and at the same time hold them accountable when they cannot or do not succeed.  Give the “General” full authority and allow him/her to report directly to the President.  Give the “General” use of all available military assets as well as the ability to enlist and hire any and all support necessary from both domestic and foreign suppliers that have the capability, knowledge and know how  to “fight these battles” in the Gulf of Mexico

They are already saying this tragedy will continue to unfold for years to come.  Then lets start thinking and planning long term and put someone in charge for the long term!

June 12, 2010

What Are We Headed For….A Double Dip???

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Good Morning Moderates for America!

It’s been a little while since my last posting, and obviously there has been alot going on. 

I want to focus this posting on an article I recently read in the editorial section of  The Wall Street Journal by a Mr. Arthur Laffer.  Mr. Laffer is the chairman of Laffer Associates and co-author of “Return to Prosperity: How America Can Regain Its Economic Superpower Status” (Threshold, 2010).

I am a “Chronic” CNBC watcher.  The talking heads on that particular venue are constantly barraging guests with the question of the “double dip”.  Mr. Laffer, I believe, both qualifies and quantifies the potential risk of this happening.  What he so vividly brings to light in this article is the potential true impact to the end of the Bush era tax breaks in 2011 combined with the on-going fragility of our economy and the heavy hand of our “spendthrift” government. 

I hope all of you following my posting will pass this along.

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