June 21, 2010

China….Friend or Foe? Or Do They Own US?

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I have traveled and done business in Asia since the mid- 1980’s.  My first trip to China was in early 1990.  During that first trip, I traveled on dirty dusty roads, boiled my chopsticks, used primitive plumbing, and didn’t dare drink or eat anything that wasn’t boiled or well cooked first.

Now 20 years later, when I visit I stay in brand new hotels, fly into modern state-of-the-art airports, and can eat and drink almost anything I choose as long as I am in a major city.  When I arrogantly asked a Chinese person 20 years ago how they could live without modern conveniences such as potable water….the response was simple.  He said “We are patient.”

Now 20 years later, we are literally “hanging on every word” that comes out of China regarding their economy, their currency and their next move on the world stage.  Case in point, today’s news regarding the supposed “floating” of the RMB. 

Keep in mind one thing about the Chinese….they are patient.  I attach a commentary from a close friend’s blog pertaining to this “move” on the part of the Chinese “Fed”.  Please pay close attention to some of the comments on John Hudson’s post on the Atlantic Wire blog.

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